Monday, December 27, 2010

Moments of Life

Out through the bedroom window
I saw the jackfruit eyeing me
teasing the life around it with its fruity smell
Oh! I am no exception
I was seduced by it charms
Every morning I go check up
On it through the window
Watched it grow round
and thrive against the odds
Finally the time neared
For receiving the price of my patience
But Alas !!
Before I can get whats mine,
A raven had staked it claim on my price
Eyeing me sideways daring me to come near
However futile it seems I took a step nearer
just to see what I lost forever
He then let out a war cry
On cue many of his kind joined
Forming a black guard army against me
Together they devoured my treasure
Mocking me inbetween by flapping their wings
Up above on the papaya tree
Sat the blue kingfisher
whose sorrowful chirps told me the tale of loosing
Like my fury for my lost chance
Rain drops started stumbling down from heaven
Driving black guard army away
There lies my jackfruit half eaten
still trying to draw life around it with its fruity smell

Sunday, December 26, 2010


My black molly who been with me for 6 months passed away today morning :(

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry X-mas

Merry Christmas to everyone !!

Cancer or Tumor?????

Can anybody throw some light at my new predicament???

My black molly has developed a chunk of mass around its anal fin.

Just this morning I came across it.

I already isolated this fish from others because if its contaigous I dont want other ones to acquire it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flora and Fauna at my work place

After a life as homemaker for almost two years I am really relishing my career life.What makes my work interesting is that I am striving to make the world around me better in a small way by bringing awareness about Environment through workshops and seminars, doing research on Climate Change and help the State of Andra Pradesh in making its State Action Plan on Climate Change.But do you know what makes me want to go back to office every day ??? Its the Scenic Beauty around it(except for the rumor that there are snakes around).....

Environment Protection Training and Research Institute is surrounded by a botanical garden that maintains rare, endemic and endangered plant species of Eastern Ghats of India.One fine example is the Euphorbia Sebastinel thats found in Mahatrastra got transfered to our botanical garden very recently.

Phenology: Almost throughout the year with a peak between August-October.

Decumbent herbs, 10-25 cm high (Image 1); stems many from root stock; nodes thickened; internodes 1-1.5 cm long. Leaves opposite, subsessile, proximate at apex, oblong to elliptic-oblong, base inequilateral, apex acute or apiculate, margins serrate, 5-10 x 3-5 mm, pubescent; nerves obscure; stipules triangular, laciniate, ca. 2mm long. Cyathia terminal, one or two; peduncles ca. 1mm long; involucres turbinate, ca. 1 x 1 mm, pubescent; involucral lobes triangular, toothed, exceeding the glands; glands four, minute, orbicular; limbs of glands obovoid, ca. 0.5 x 0.8 mm, irregularly wavy at apical margin, white or pink. Staminate flowers: pedicels ca. 0.5mm long; anthers subglobose, transversely dehiscing; bracteoles filiform, ca. 0.7mm long. Pistillate flowers: gynophores ca. 1.5mm long; ovary subglobose, ca. 1 x 1 mm, pubescent; styles three, free from base, ca. 0.4mm long, bifid at apex. Capsules ovoid, ca. 1.5 x 1.5 mm, acutely keeled, pubescent only on keels, maturing outside the cyathia. Seeds oblong, obtusely tetragonous, ca.1 x 0.5 mm, smooth or obscurely 2-3 grooved on faces.

Habitat: Rare, in the transitional area of land and water to dry bank in moist gravely soil. The common associates are: Eclipta alba, Sida acuta, Tribulus lanuginosus, Euphorbia hirta, Euphorbia indica and invasive neotropical species such as Ageratum conyzoides, Alternanthera ficoidea and Parthenium hysterophorus.

There are many others but I dont have any correct info to share. May be after some time I will collect few pics to blog.Another main attracting sight on my office campus is the flock of peacocks and peahens.....

Another great attraction are the ducks in the pond...

My campus is also known for snakes.But so far I was lucky to have not seen them.Soon I will post most photos of EPTRI.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Horrors of high heels !!!!

Well guys I am a working lady now....!!! So if you ask how my life has been changed by my work life then I will start with how my hubby banished my high heels for daily use.It was very hard to give in but after some googling I am some what convinced that its for greater good ....

Well I know for sure that toes that look like 'hunchback of Notre Dame' is not a turn on for any guys...So ladies, PLEASE NOTE THIS:-

Those mother out there can use this tip for your babies:-


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