Friday, March 16, 2012

Damn Swim Bladders !!!!!

I almost lost one Black moor and an Oranda Goldfish.As you all know Goldfishes are one greedy breed.They just dont know when to stop. I am very careful with the filter cleansing and water change, but still the water was slighty cloudy on that day it happend. After I came home from work I saw two of them floating on top with their belly up. Even after reading so much on the swim bladder, it just didn't strike me that the whole problem could be 'Air in the Swim Bladder'...

I was trying to go one by one in my head the probable reasons for this predictament. As a last minute resort I just caught the fish in my hand flipped it over and squeezed it belly and rubbed near its anal fin. I didnt find any miraculous changes immediatly. I almost gave up then..

I was little sad that I was loosing two of my favs. That Black moor was the one I used previously for the fine tuning of my hand spawning technique.After an hour or so I went to get the dead fish out and Voila !!!! There are NO DEAD FISH..

Now that was a big shock for me...I was on Cloudnine @@##$$$%%%^^^&&**(())()

Now that I think about it, I wish I had tried this on every damn fish I lost in the past!!!!!!


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