Wednesday, June 8, 2011

POP Eyes

Pop eye fish disease is various combined problems or symptoms of an underlying disease.The most common reason being bacterial infection. Bacterial infection may have been caused by some preceding fish diseases or ailment. It can also be caused by rough handling, tumors, too much lighting, poor dietand or a vitamin A deficiency. The eyes begin to protrude and a build up of fluid forms in and around the eyes. Like most fish disease, stress is one of the main factors. Overcrowding, poor water quality and temperature changes in the aquarium are all major causes of stress in your fish. Rarely life threatening, pop eye fish disease is easily curable. However, sometimes the fishes eyes will not fully heal and may remain a little bigger than usual, even after the fish has recovered fully.

Symptoms of pop eye disease are one or both eyes will appear a lot larger than normal. Pop eye fish disease will cause the eye or eyes will protrude from the head and look as if the eyes have a cloudy covering. The disease takes about two weeks to peak, and by then the eyes have swollen a great deal.

In my case the victim is a Freshwater Shark (havent found the scientific name for it yet). The guy was fine when I arrived to my new apartment but after three days he started sporting a left pop eye.Have tried most of the water changing techniques under my sleeves but he still have not recovered.Yesterday onwards I have started completely switching off the Aquariums Lights off. My recent study says that running Aquarium lights overtime can distress the fish and make it vulnerable to Bacteria infections.His consumption of food still remains the same and moving around very energetically and trashing the poor Goldies who are in his way.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am back !!!!!

I know that I have committed the ULTIMATE CRIME in blogging by not posting these past months.... Now that I am back to being jobless I guess its blogging days from here on...

Promise !!!


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